Feedback Informed Treatment
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Implementing FIT

Capture feedback on any device

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Capture outcomes and experience feedback from clients during treatment, inside or outside the treatment setting on tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktops. Makes service evaluation simple and reduce the admin time for client feedback.

Analyse outcome and quality feedback

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Review and analyse client feedback during sessions. Compare feedback with the client’s expected treatment response. Aggregate and analyse feedback on treatment outcomes and service quality by clinician and agency.

Evaluate services and improve outcomes

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Adjust treatment to ensure maximum benefit for clients. Use reports and data analysis to inform and improve service delivery. Implement performance benchmarking for quality improvement initiatives.

Client Feedback Matters

Clinical Benefits

Improve treatment outcomes and reduce dropout rates. Elicit client feedback about their experience of treatment and increase engagement in the change process.

Service Benefits

Makes service evaluation simple and reduce the admin time for client feedback. Use reports on treatment outcomes and client experience to improve service quality and outcomes.

Organisational Benefits

Improve service efficiencies and reduces costs. Integrate feedback data with existing client records systems to improve data quality and increase the usefulness of reports.

Improve Outcomes with OpenFIT

Easily solicit feedback on outcomes and experience

OpenFIT allows you to easily and routinely solicit in session feedback on treatment outcomes and service quality.

We ensure that evaluation adds to the quality of services, and feels like a natural extension of clinical work.

The OpenFIT tools increase dialogue between client and clinician and support managers´access to data and reports on service outcomes.

Track progress and adjust treatment as needed

It tracks client progress and compares it with their expected treatment response, so treatment can be adjusted as needed.

OpenFIT supports the implementation of Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) which focuses on the adjustment of ongoing treatment in line with feedback to ensure clients receive maximum benefit from services.

Key Features

Latest FIT Measures and Algorithms

Includes all the PCOMS measures (ORS and SRS) and latest predictive algorithms

Technical and Integration Features

Available in multiple languages on iPads, Tablets, PCs and Macs

Data Security and Setup

Adheres to data security and governance requirements. Advanced security and access features

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Interactive reports and charts provide at a glance indication of client outcomes

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