Change Case Ownership:

  • Button ‘Change Ownership’ are present at ‘Home’ for all user roles. Now it is possible to change case’s owner. E-mail ‘Ownership Re-assignment’ has been sent.
  • Administrators are enabled to take ownership of cases created by others


  • New reporting platform called Telerik reporting implemented
  • New UI Reports are added
  • Sub –categories of Age are added to number of Clients Fields
  • User Statistics and Agency Statistics are joined and shown at one page according to Parameters configuration.
  • Average Raw Change has been renamed to Average Raw Change ORS
  • Dropdown ‘Tags’ is empty if there are no already created tags
  • Tags ‘Filter by Tags’, ‘Filter by Client’ are added to Statics Report

We have a detailed overview of the reports here.

New OpenFit account activation

  • Temporary password screen is possible to close now
  • But ‘Confirm’ at Reset password window has been disabled once the user has already clicked it.

Running Surveys:

  • Missing date for First Sessions has been fixed
  • Quick Survey button does not create a new session for not completed/saved surveys


  • Login popup does not appear twice after Logout has been done
  • SAML login works after timeout has been updated
  • Blob error does not appear at Console anymore