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Possible to change the layout type and the position of the sidebar.

July 2019 – General release notes

Change Case Ownership: Button ‘Change Ownership’ are present at ‘Home’ for all user roles. Now it is possible to change case’s owner. E-mail ‘Ownership Re-assignment’ has been sent. Administrators are enabled to take ownership of cases created by others Reports: New reporting platform called Telerik reporting implemented New UI Reports are added Sub –categories of…

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OpenFIT team at ACE 2018

Improve how we support our communities –  How has ACE2018 Östersund impacted you? Tell us, how did 300 health professionals travelling from across the globe (even as far as Australia) end up in Östersund, a somewhat remote town in Sweden?                              …

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OpenFIT Release Notes – Jan 4th 2017

Release Notes Grouped Case function buttons and added selection checkbox One you select a Case with the Radio box then the Case function buttons are activated as you can see in the example below. Header menu for tablet devices iPad has been improved. We have moved several menu options under an Options menu to save…

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OpenFIT release notes – Dec 22nd 2017

This is the first in a series of ongoing updates we shall be providing on upcoming updates to OpenFIT. Below you’ll find a description of the main updates. New user interface for Editing, Deleting Cases Improve the Case grid layout for Tablet devices New button position for Capturing a Survey Previously the Edit and Delete…

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