Product Features

Latest FIT Measures and Algorithms

  • All PCOMS measures included (ORS and SRS)
  • Real-time analysis of client progress in treatment
  • Access to latest SAMSHA approved predictive algorithms
  • Expected treatment response available for each client
  • Ability to add additional outcome measures or client assessments

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

  • Interactive charts provide at a glance indication of client progress in treatment
  • At-risk cases quickly identified and highlighted
  • Comparison of feedback from other sources including family members and collateral raters
  • Outcome and engagement reports available for clients, providers and services
  • Management level access to provider, service and agency performance reports

Advanced Technical and Integration Features

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Works on iPads, Tablets, PCs and Macs
  • Surveys in over 18 languages
  • Fully documented OpenFIT API for developers
  • Single sign-on capabilities (OAuth 2.0 & SAML)

Enhanced Data Security and Setup

  • Multi-level access for clinicians, supervisors, managers and administrators
  • Designed to adhere to current and future security and data governance requirements including HIPAA
  • Ability to import data from multiple systems including other FIT/PCOMS systems