This is the first in a series of ongoing updates we shall be providing on upcoming updates to OpenFIT. Below you’ll find a description of the main updates.

  • New user interface for Editing, Deleting Cases
  • Improve the Case grid layout for Tablet devices

New button position for Capturing a Survey

Previously the Edit and Delete Case button were located at the end of a row for each Case. This layout was inefficient and took up valuable space on the Case and Client grid.


Here’s a short animation showing how to carry out the three common functions Capture a Survey, Edit a Case and Delete a Case.



Improve the Case grid layout for Tablet devices

For many tablet users the data on the Case and Client list screen was difficult to read, particularly in Portrait format. We have not adjusted the Case Grid so that the width of columns auto-adjusts for your screen size. This means you can now drag the grid from left to right to view relevant Case fields.