Release Notes

Grouped Case function buttons and added selection checkbox

One you select a Case with the Radio box then the Case function buttons are activated as you can see in the example below.

Header menu for tablet devices iPad has been improved.
We have moved several menu options under an Options menu to save space and improve the layout on Tablet devices.

Column Width increased and Horizontal scrolling added
In order to make it easier to view data columns (particularly on Tablet devices) we’ve increased the column width and made it possible to scroll horizontally (left to right) on the Case and Client screen.

Browsing Case and Client data in OpenFITHorizontal 

Checkboxes are added for search in ‘Filter by tags’

We’ve changed the select Filter option to Checkbox selection which saves space when choosing multiple Tags.

Other Bug fixes or updates

Zoho-chat button has been updated

Quick survey button has been improved:

Finnish translation of GSRS

‘Clinicians should not see clinicians from other locations’ in Dropdown menu when sharing Cases has been fixed

‘Administrator Location does not see all local users’ has been fixed

Provider Statistics Report is taking too long for Accounts with medium/large amounts’ has been fixed. 

‘ORS chart API method GetCombinedOrsChartMsSerialized not showing all data’ has been fixed.