This is the first in a series of ongoing updates we shall be providing on upcoming updates to OpenFIT. Below you’ll find a description of the main updates.

  • New survey capture workflow
  • Survey shortcut button
  • Easier to collecting feedback from Collateral raters
  • Set default survey language for Clients

New survey capture workflow

The biggest change is in the workflow of how surveys are collected. Our goal has been to reduce the number of clicks and screens during survey collection and make it faster and easier for users to gather feedback. We’ve combined several screens together and also reduced the height of the screen so that it fits on tablet devices such as iPads without needing to scroll.

Survey shortcut button

As you can see in the screenshot above you can now use the Survey Shortcut button from the Case and Client list screen.This saves time having to click through to the Sessions and Feedback screen to capture surveys.

Easier to collecting feedback from Collateral raters

As you can see when you choose a Collateral Rater you then see a list of Clients to rate.

Set default survey language for Clients


Other updates in this release

  • Combined View shows charts and legends for all clients (for according case) and their collaterals
  • Graph legend is present for ORS & SRS subscores
  • Tooltip at ‘Combined View’ is changed
  • Possibility to check/uncheck legends/charts at Combined view
  • Questions at Survey are translated according to selected languge in case if translation is present for that language. If translation is absent then questions are shown at English or Dannish language.
  • The support chat Window can now be used on iPad devices.