Here in OpenFIT we continue to work on adding new features and improvements for our partners. An area that we have worked extensively on, is the ability for agencies to share surveys via email and SMS with both clients and collateral raters. This has proven to be a popular feature, in particular with groups such as social workers who frequently request feedback from collateral raters such as teachers, and probation officers. 

In recent weeks this has become an even bigger focus due to the shift that agencies are making to supporting their service users through telehealth and virtual therapy services. 

Manual vs Automatic sending surveys

Below is an example of how to manually send an ORS survey to a Clients email. There are a other options that can also be configured in OpenFIT such as scheduling surveys to be sent automaticallly according to the next appointment date. To enable automatic sending please contact your OpenFIT account manager to discuss which channels to use (email and/or SMS), surveys you wish to automate, whether it’s clients and/or collateral raters, and what is the most appropriate sending schedule. In some instances sending the surveys pre-appointment can also serve as a useful appointment reminder mechanism.

How to manually request a Client to remotely complete an ORS survey

This section gives one example scenario of collecting an ORS survey via email from a Client. The steps are outlined with a description of each step, where you can then click on the video to see each step in action. 

From the OpenFIT Case and Client screen, you can search for your client using the search box. By clicking the Edit Client button you can check that you have entered an email address for the Client. You can also take a look at a summary chart for the Client from this screen. 

Once you click into the Case you can setup a new online (or phone based) appointment. After clicking the Survey dropdown arrow you’ll see an option beside the ORS called Share survey.

ORS Email in the clients inbox

Here you’ll see the standard text that the Client will receive. This can be modified manually, or it’s possible for you to setup your own templates to use. You also have the option of copying the generated link into your own email or SMS gateway Client to send. Remember, the default active period for the link is 48 hours.

After clicking send the user will shortly receive an email notification to complete the survey. 

ORS Email in the clients inbox

ORS email user opens

Once the client clicks on the link they are brought to the ORS input screen where then can enter the score, review it, and finalise. This results will appear in your OpenFIT dashboard in real-time. The user receives a thank you confirmation message (this can be configured with custom text and/or instructions).

Alternative workflow – Screen sharing the manual input survey screen

Apart from sending a survey via email/SMS there are other workflows that work well to capture feedback from your clients during remote consultations. For example, some Telehealth platforms have a screen sharing option. Whilst sharing your screen you can switch to manual score entry mode, and verbally ask the client to rate each of the subscores typing in the responses which adjusts the visual analogue scales as you can see below. 

For extra security, it’s possible to log into OpenFIT checking the anonymous checkbox on the login screen. This hides client details, whilst allowing you to still find records using the record number. This can provide an extra level of security if you’re using a COTS (commercial off the shelf tool) such as Skype.

ORS Email in the clients inbox


Due diligence before getting started starting

It’s a good idea to review your current data governance processes before starting to share surveys online. It’s possible to make adjustments to OpenFIT as required, and we have a processes to make sure that the OpenFIT share survey workflow is aligned with your data protection office or IT department requirements.

Additional projects we’re working on

Covid Screening

OpenFIT is used across a wide range of healthcare settings from hospitals to primary care, and professions from therapists to hospital consultants. OpenFIT supports multiple surveys (validated and custom) along with the ORS and SRS. In the past we worked on projects to collect data from Bluetooth enabled glucometers. We’re currently conducting a proof of concept for Covid screening and triage surveys combined with data collection from pulse oximeters to be used in various settings. A primary goal is to assist with looking after people at home, and within the primary care setting, informing relevant care stakeholders, and helping to avoid hospitilisation unless their acuity level reaches a level requiring admission.

Launch video consultation from OpenFIT

Some agencies have asked about adding a Telehealth option to OpenFIT to launch secure live consultations. Since we have data centres in Europe, North America and AsiaPac, we have been able to try out some scenarios with our partners in Microsoft. Not everywhere is like the US which has relaxed HIPAA and Telehealth state laws to allow Skype to be used. A lightweight, yet secure system for enabling telehealth and virtual therapy coupled with eliminating the requirement to purchase another IT system is of interest. 

Tell us what you think and/or need

If you have any questions or wish to enquire about any of the above items, please fill in the contact form below, get in touch with us via, or you can also reach one of us through the instant chat client below. 

Most importantly, stay safe and mind yourselves.